In today’s changing environment career reinvention is more important than ever. Youth will learn how to bounce back from setbacks, navigate through new changes and embrace new possibilities in their career. Through personal development coaching, unique strategies and motivational questions, he helps youth to break through the mental roadblocks and take more control of their career. Armed with research data, case studies and his own experience of career disruptions and the need to periodically reinvent himself over his career, he is passionate about helping to motivate and inspire today’s youth through his personal coaching.

The world we live in is a far different than the one we were expected while growing up. What steps can we take to renew ourselves and our dreams and re-design our careers in new ways, as entrepreneurs creating new business marketing strategies or as experts, mentors and leaders? This is a period of change and transition in all aspects of our personal and professional lives – and for all generations. We know that the inbound marketing and sales revolution has changed the way we do. Live conferences, meetings and events are more important than ever to build an in-person touch point. But how do these changes impact and affect our natural ways of dealing with business, culture, communication and life directly? Do you know?

Whether you want to grow faster at your present company, change jobs, or make the switch to a new field completely, the aim is clear: to build a career that flourish all your unique talents and passion. But to achieve this in today’s competitive job environment, it’s almost natural that at some point you’ll need to reinvent yourself professionally.

karl Borree present the key paradigm shifts and helps in business reinvention that redefines the seismic transformation going on all around us.

If you have been asked to plan a big company event, the pressure is on. But from where you will start? You will spend hours searching the Internet? Read hundreds of articles, book and biographies? Watch number of motivational videos? At last you can come up with a successful plan but not always. Every time you need excellent and some fresh ideas. And a Keynote speaker can help you always.

Karl speaks annually to help attendees increase professional influence, magnify impact, and develop a career in which they can thrive. He connects with his audience in a way that leaves excited about the possibilities and ready to plan for where they want to go with their career.

Karl is one of the most encouraging, motivating, empowering, and informative Keynote speakers. He helps others think differently and more proactively in their career. He has helped hundreds of entrepreneur or professionals and executives transition into a more meaningful career. His presentations are full of valuable and thoughtful information. The audience always leaves with information they can immediately execute and get results. He strives to make his presentations exciting, fun, and interactive with his audience!